Program and Presentation

18.March, Tuesday (Afternoon)
K. Nishio (JAEA) Opening
J. Randrup (LBNL) Nuclear one-body dissipation : Implication for damped reactions and fissin
A. Andreyev (University of York/JAEA) Beta-delayed fission as a tool to study near and sub-barrier fission in extremely exotic nuclei
Y. Aritomo
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Fission dynamics of Low excited Nuclei with Langevin approach
M. Sako (Kyoto University) Fission study using Samurai spectrometer at RIKEN
J.-F. Martin (CEA) SOFIA Fission yields measurement at GSI
P. Möller (LANL) Systematics of fission-fragment yields in the 74 =< Z =< 94 region and odd-even staggering
N. Carjan (CENBG, CNRS/IN2P3 - University of Bordeaux 1) Calculated scission-neutron properties in unexpected agreement with data on prompt neutrons
R. Frost (University of Manchester) A compact double Bragg detector for event-by-event study of the fission process in actinide nuclei

19.March, Wednesday (Mornig)
H. Oigawa (JAEA) Transmutation of nuclear wastes by accelerator driven system
P. Schuurmans SCK-CEN) The MYRRHA ADS project
H. Sakurai (RIKEN / University of Tokyo ) Nuclear data programs at RIBF for nuclear engineering and transmutation
L. Popescu (SCK-CEN) Radioactive ion beams at ISOL@MYRRHA
K. Nishio (JAEA) Fission study and nuclear data measurement at JAEA
J. Burke (LNL) Surrogate reactions for (n,f) and (n,g) cross sections
B. Jurado (CENBG) Surrogate-reaction studies by the CENBG collaboration: status and perspectives
C. Rodriguez-Tajes (GANIL) Fission yields and fission probabilities from transfer reactions in inverse kinematics
D. Balabanski (ELI-NP, IFIN-HH) Fission Studies at the New ELI-NP Facility
Y. Watanabe (KEK) Study of multinucleon transfer reactions of 136Xe + 198Pt for production of exotic nuclei
T. Cap (University of Warsaw) Polar-side emission of heavy IMFs in 197Au +197Au collisions at 23A MeV
D. Kameda (RIKEN) Search for new isotopes and new isomers using in-flight fission of a 345 MeV/nucleon 238U beam at RIKEN RI Beam Factory

20.March, Thursday (Mornig)
D. Jenkins (university of York) Spectroscopy beyond the N=Z line
R. Grzywacz (University of Tennessee) Beta-delayed neutrons with VANDLE: Paradise or pandemonium ?
L. Tassan-Got (IPN-Orsay /Universite Paris-Sud ) 232Th fission fragment angular distributions
F. Tovesson (LANL) Fission cross section and fragment property measurements at LANSCE
K. Hirose (JAEA) Fission and capture cross section measurement at J-PARC
A.G. Smith (University of Manchester) Progress with STEFF and prospects for experiments at n_TOF
C. Weiss (CERN) Present and Future of Fission at n_TOF
K. Tsujimoto (JAEA) Nuclear data needs for transmutation system
A. Yakushev (GSI) Superheavy element research at TASCA
M. Block (GSI) Nuclear Structure Studies with Penning Traps
K. Rykaczewski (ORNL) Search for 283,284,285Fl decay chains
H. Haba (RIKEN) Production and decay studies of 261Rf, 262Db, and 265Sg at GARIS@RIKEN
M. Asai (JAEA) Alpha-decay Spectroscopy of Transfermium Nuclei at JAEA
F.-P. Hessberger (GSI) Nuclear Structure of Superheavy Nuclei Investigated at GSI
T.K. Sato (JAEA) Measurement of the first ionization potential of lawrencium (Lr, Z=103) by surface ionization technique
A. Andreyev (University of York / JAEA) Concluding Remarks