Towards novel functions in nanoscale structures.

Our objective is to study the nanoscale structures of functional spin devices and materials by using these beams comprehensively, towards novel functions in nanoscale structures.

    By using our eyes, we can observe a limited electromagnetic wave region such as 7 colors in a rainbow as a visible light. The latest science eyes, however, can observe several orders wider electromagnetic wave region than ours. They include not only television radio and cellular phone waves, but also muon as a cosmic ray from the space outside of our earth. The muon pours on us like the rain. It can be a matter wave. If our world can be observed freely by using all these electromagnetic and matter waves, how does it look like? By using the latest transmission electron microscope, we can see atoms one by one. By using X-ray, we can see inside of our body as if it is transparent. However, we cannot see inside of a thick concrete block by X-ray. We can see inside of the concrete block by neutron. However, we cannot see inside of a volcano by neutron. Nevertheless, we can see even inside of the volcano by high energy muon from the space. The scientific development enables us to efficiently produce high intense beams of various electromagnetic and matter waves. The significant developments have been achieved especially on synchrotron light, electron, neutron, muon, and positron. As our new scientific eyes, they help us to study various crystal structures and dynamics of modern functional materials.