Towards novel functions in nanoscale structures.

Our objective is to study the nanoscale structures of functional spin devices and materials by using these beams comprehensively, towards novel functions in nanoscale structures.

The outside does not always coincide with the inside of the person, and it is difficult to understand the character from the only outside. It is necessary to make full use of various means to understand whole character of the person. This situation is similar in the material research. A thermodynamic property is usually depend on a normal bulk state, while translational symmetry broken at a surface and novel state and structure are realized. In addition, different state is formed around defects and impurities which influences a bulk property, hence study of local state is quite important for the materials research.

Such macroscopic properties of matter, based on a local state, could be understood by investigating nanoscale region of the sample. The experimental technique which can selectively investigate a surface, bulk, impurity/defect or ultrathin film, extend the field of material research.

Today, the technical development enables us to efficiently produce high intense beams, especially on synchrotron light, electron, neutron, muon, and positron, and help us to study various atomic structures and dynamics of functional materials in the length scale of advanced beam. In addition, experimental technique which can obey local state such as a surface, interface, and an impurity is also developed and new scientific insight can be obtained.

Our objective is to develop these new advanced measurement technologies and study the nanoscale structures of functional devices and materials to clarify the essential property of matter.