The Director Prize in FY 2016

Dr. Yuki Fukaya was awarded the Director Prize in FY 2016 for his significant contributions to the structure determination of germanene on Feb. 4 in 2017.

International Workshop

The 37th REIMEI Workshop on Frontiers of Correlated Quantum Matters and Spintronics

Jan 13 : J-PARC Tour to neutron scattering and MuSR facilities: J-PARC center, Tokai, Ibaraki
Jan 14-16 : iVil (old Richotte), Tokai, Ibaraki

The DMREF-FCMP Symposium on Mott Transitions and Computational Approaches

Jan 17 : Takeda Hall, Univ. of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo

Workshop Poster

REIMEI Workshop

DMREF-FCMP Symposium

Both of workshops were succcessfully finished. Thank you for your participation and cooperation.

Aim and scope

In these consecutive events, we aim to explore frontiers of condensed matter physics covering correlated electron systems and spintronics. High-Tc superconductivity may originate from competition among some interactions and/or different phases. Mott transition may be dominated by a phase separation at the phase boundary. Frustrated spin systems provide new play grounds for novel concepts of magnetic monopoles in a spin ice. Even in traditional ferromagnets, detail studies of spinwave excitations will be necessary for understanding the spin Seebeck effect. For elucidating these phenomena, Japanese condensed matter community has unique advantages, thanks to high intensity neutron and muon facilities at J-PARC, synchrotron and ARPES facilities at SPring-8, KEK, ISSP and elsewhere, strong tradition of magnetism studies, such as those in RIKEN, Tohoku IMR, and NIMS, and advanced theory groups equipped with novel computational methods. Gathering leading contributors in these fields from Japan, US, China, Taiwan, Europe and Australia, the present five-day event will explore emergent topics in correlated electron materials, unconventional superconductors, magnetism, spin-orbit interaction and spintronics, and seek collaboration and interaction among scientists working in different methods and disciplines. The one-day tour of advanced neutron and muon facilities at J-PARC, for more than 20 foreign and Japanese graduate students and postdocs, will be followed by subsequent intense discussions on recent research results by 30 invited speakers at the REIMEI Workshop. The Symposium at University of Tokyo will introduce pioneering and eminent leaders of modern condensed matter physics who will review key recent progress of these fields. These events will contribute to development of future projects and users of these facilities, while providing unique opportunities for young researchers to interact both with their global counterparts and leading international specialists.

Confirmed speakers

REIMEI Workshop:

Tadashi Adachi (Sophia U)
Gerrit Bauer (IMR, Tohoku U)
Chris Bell (Bristol)
Lieh-Jeng Chang (National Cheng Kung U)
Joseph Checkelsky (MIT)
Daichi Chiba (U Tokyo)
Jesse Crossno (Harvard)
Pengcheng Dai (Rice U)
Yejun Feng (OIST)
Ben Frandsen (UC Berkely)
Atsushi Fujimori (U Tokyo)
Yann Gallais (U Paris)
Zurab Guguchia (Columbia-PSI)
Dustin Gilbert (NIST)
Bo Gu (JAEA)
Changqing Jin (IOP)
Naoya Kanazawa (U Tokyo / RIKEN)
Gabi Kotliar (Rutgers)
Naoto Nagaosa (RIKEN / U Tokyo)
Yusuke Nambu (IMR, Tohoku U)
Ni Ni (UCLA)
Fanlong Ning (Zhejiang U)
Yoshichika Otani (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Eiji Saitoh (IMR, Tohoku U)
Yuya Sakuraba (NIMS)
Masahiro Sato (Ibaraki U)
Shin-ichi Shamoto (JAEA)
Takasada Shibauchi (U Tokyo)
Shik Shin (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Ross Springell (Bristol)
Minoru Yamashita (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Frank Zhao (Harvard)
Guoqing Zheng (Okayama U/IOP)

DMREF-FCMP Symposium :

Dimitri Basov (Columbia U)
Dietrich Belitz (U Oregon)
Masatoshi Imada (U Tokyo)
Yoshiteru Maeno (Kyoto U)
Yoshinori Tokura (RIKEN / U Tokyo)
Yasutomo Uemura (Columbia U)
Qikun Xue (Tsinghua U)

Workshop Program
Poster Presentation
Banquet : January 15 at Hotel Crystal Palace


Atsushi Fujimori (U Tokyo)
Wataru Higemoto (ASRC, JAEA)
Masatoshi Imada (U Tokyo)
Shinsaku Kambe (ASRC, JAEA)
Sadamichi Maekawa (ASRC, JAEA)
Michiyasu Mori (ASRC, JAEA)
Shin-ichi Shamoto (ASRC, JAEA)
Yasutomo Uemura (Columbia U)
Timothy Ziman (ILL)

These workshops are co-hosted by Advanced Science Research Center of Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Univ. of Tokyo, Columbia Univ., and J-PARC Center (JAEA&KEK)