The 34th Reimei WorkShop "Physics of Heavy-Ion Collisions at J-PARC"
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The 34th Reimei Workshop “Physics of J-PARC Heavy-Ion Collisions” will be held on August 8th and 9th, 2016 in Tokai, Japan.

We have submitted the Letter-Of-Intent of J-PARC Heavy-Ion Program (J-PARC-HI) to J-PARC Program Advisory Committee. In this opportunity, we would like to hold a workshop on J-PARC-HI. J-PARC-HI aims to find QCD phase structures in a high density regime, in particular, the critical point. Heavy-ion collisions at J-PARC-HI will create matter with 5-10 times the normal nuclear density, For this purpose, J-PARC-HI will accelerate heavy-ion beams up to Uranium to 1-19 GeV/nucleon, corresponding to the nucleon-nucleon center-mass energy of 2-6.2 GeV. J-PARC-HI aims to achieve the world’s highest heavy-ion beams of 1011 Hz utilizing the existing 3 GeV (RCS) and 50 GeV (MR) proton synchrotrons.

The main goals of this workshop are to discuss the status of J-PARC-HI, various physics and experimental possibilities, and to find the right direction to proceed with the project.

The topics of the workshop will be;
  • 1. J-PARC-HI status
  • 2. Heavy-ion experiments in the world (RHIC, LHC, NICA, FAIR)
  • 3. QCD at high density and high temperature
  • 4. Ongoing and planned J-PARC hadron/nuclear experiments