Advanced Theoretical Physics (ATP)

Forthcoming events

February 28 - March 4, 2022 REIMEI Workshop "Open Quantum Mechanics in Nuclear, Hadron and Condensed-Matter Systems" will be held.


December, 2020 A new member, Dr. Wang, has joined as a JSPS Research Fellow.
November, 2020 Press release concerning a paper published in Nature: "The impact of nuclear shape on the emergence of the neutron dripline" coauthored by our members, Prof. Otsuka (Guest Researcher) and Dr. Utsuno.
November, 2020 A new member, Dr. Uchino, has joined as an Excellent Young Researcher.
October, 2020 Dr. Yamaguchi receives the 15th Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan.
April, 2020 A new member, Dr. Yamaguchi, has joined as a Postdoctoral Fellow.
March, 2020 Drs. Yoshida and Yamamoto receives the ASRC Director Award FY2019.
March, 2020 Successful in a crowdfunding campaign for delivering a nuclear chart to high schools lead by our member, Dr. Koura