REIMEI Workshop on Open Quantum Mechanics in Nuclear, Hadron and Condensed-Matter Systems

February 28 - March 4, 2022, Nuclear Science Research Institute, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Japan

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The Workshop "Open Quantum Mechanics in Nuclear, Hadron and Condensed-Matter Systems" will be held in February 28 - March 4, 2022 at the Nuclear Science Research Institute, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Japan. This workshop is a part of REIMEI activities conducted at ASRC/JAEA, "Non-Hermitian physics for open quantum and quasi-stable systems". In this workshop, we would like to discuss physics related to open quantum mechanics that appears in various many-body systems including hadrons, nuclei, and condensed matter.

Workshop style

This workshop will be held in a so-called hybrid style: both on-site and remote. Considering the current COVID-19 situation, we have to regrettably restrict the number of on-site participants. For this reason, those who can attend the workshop on-site are only invited participants. We welcome remote participation in the workshop, widely from the physics community, via Zoom.


To attend the workshop, fill the following information and send it to
Dr. Yutaka Utsuno (utsuno.yutaka [atmark]
by February 23
(Replace [atmark] with @). No registration fee is needed for either on-site or remote participants. We will then send you Zoom access information a few days before the workshop (--> sent on Feb. 24).

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Download PDF (updated on Feb. 15).


Akamatsu, Yukinao (Osaka)
Chowdhury, Debashree (Indian Inst. Tech. Roorkee)
Dote, Akinobu (KEK)
Garmon, Savannah (Osaka Prefecture)
Gubler, Philipp (JAEA)
Hashimoto, Kazunari (Yamanashi)
Mori, Takashi (RIKEN)
Myo, Takayuki (Osaka Inst. Tech.)
Ogata Kazuyuki (RCNP, Osaka)
Petrosky, Tomio (Texas)
Sombillo, Denny Lane Basco (RCNP)
Takaka Satoshi (Osaka Prefecture)
Tokieda, Masaaki (Inria)
Yamaguchi, Yasuhiro (JAEA)

Access information

The workshop will be held in the Nuclear Science Research Institute, Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The actual places are:

February 28: At the 2nd Meeting Room (on the third floor) in the Administration Building.

March 1 - March 4: At the ASRC Conference Room (on the ground floor) in the Advanced Science Research Center.

For the place of the buildings, see the map right (or download from here).

Important notice: When you enter the Nuclear Science Research Instisute, you have to show your ID to the person in the Guard Station. The valid ID in our institute is either (1) Drivers License, (2) Passport, or (3) Basic Resident Registration Card (with your picture). The My Number Card is not currently valid. If you have none, please consult us.

Organizing Committee

Hatano, Naomichi (Tokyo)
Hosaka, Atsushi (RCNP/JAEA)
Local Members
Gubler, Philipp (JAEA)
Maruyama, Toshiki (JAEA)
Suzuki Kei (JAEA)
Uchino, Shun (JAEA)
Utsuno, Yutaka (JAEA, secretary)
Yamaguchi, Yasuhiro (JAEA)
Yoshida, Kazuki (JAEA)
Araki, Yasufumi (JAEA)
Ieda, Jun'ichi (JAEA)
Mori, Michiyasu (JAEA)
Nakata, Koki (JAEA)
Onishi, Hiroaki (JAEA)
Yamamoto, Kei (JAEA)


Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)


For more information, please contact Dr. Yutaka Utsuno (utsuno.yutaka [atmark]

Last Update February, 14, 2022