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In order to gain synergy effect, two research groups in the past 5 years are now incorporated as one new team. Knowledge of actinide physics is the base of all actinide science. The basic research of exotic electronic state in heavy elements systems is the main activity of our group.


In order to extend the frontiers of actinide science, new challenges will be undertaken. For instances, (i) actinide thin films and/or (ii) actinide ionic compounds to explore new kinds of electronic states in the matter, in addition to the exotic states emergent from strong electronic correlations.


Uniquely in the world, our group can develop high purity single crystal samples including actinide elements using the JAEA laboratories for radioactive materials. In order to characterize the intrinsic properties, the purity of samples is definitively essential. Obtained high quality samples will be investigated by means of advanced experimental methods: NMR, μSR and thermal, magnetic and electric transport measurements under extreme conditions such as low temperature, high pressure and high magnetic field. The exotic electronic states are discussed or predicted by theoretical base.

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