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Social Activities

Welcome reception
The welcome reception will be held in the eveneing of Sunday, 19 Nov. 2023, at the restaurant BLANC OCEAN on the 8th floor of the Shimizu Terrsa for all guests.

The conference excursion will be held in the afternoon of Wednesday, 22 Nov. 2023. The excursion will include the Funaben Cruise in the port of Shimizu with a lunch box, followed by a short trip to Nihondaira Yume Terrace, where you will enjoy great views and going round the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine by a cable car.

The conference banquet will also be held in the evening of Wednesday, 22 Nov. 2023, following the excursion, at a Japanese traditional restaurant, Fugetsuro.

More detailed information for the social activities will be announced here later or in the final circular.

Travel Information

The closest major international airports are Tokyo-Haneda, Tokyo-Narita, Osaka-Kansai, and Nagoya-Chubu. There is also a small international airport in Shizuoka.

The city of Shizuoka can be reached by a Shinkansen superexpress train of Tokaido Line either from Tokyo or from Osaka or Nagoya. It stops at the JR-Shizuoka station. Note that there are three different type Shinkansen in Tokaido Line: "HIKARI", "KODAMA", and "NOZOMI". Do not use "NOZOMI" that does not stop at the Shizuoka station. To reach the conference venue, take a train of the Tokaido-line from the JR-Shizuoka station and get off at the JR-Shimizu station. The JR-Shimizu station is the third station from the JR-Shizuoka station towards the Tokyo direction, and it takes about 10 minutes.

Please refer to the following site for the timetable of Shinkansen trains (Nozomi: yellow color, Hikari: magenta color, Kodama: cyan color): JR-central timetable. And, to the following sites for the timetable of trains between the JR-Shizuoka and JR-Shimizu stations: Japan Travel, Japan Transit Planner.

*Train from JR-Shizuoka to JR-Shimizu and from Narita/Haneda airports to downtown Tokyo
You have to buy a ticket from a machine or at the ticket counter before you take a train. You cannot buy a ticket online beforehand. Alternatively, you can also use a Suica card or its equivalent if you have already had it. Please notice that, at this moment, a new Suica card (Welcome Suica) can be purchased only at the Narita and Haneda airports. Please see the following link: Welcome Suica. Please also notice that the Suica card or its equivalence is not available for a Shinkansen superexpress train
You have to buy another dedicated ticket for the Shinkansen.


Many hotels are available in the JR-Shizuoka station. Also, several hotels can be found in JR-Shimizu station (the closest to the conference venue). You may reserve hotels through the registration site. For more details, please see the instructions for registration on the Registration page.


Program is available for download.


Book of abstracts is available for download.

Conference Proceedings

Refereed conference proceedings will be published.

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