10th ASRC International Workshop " Nuclear Fission and Decay of Exotic Nuclei "

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Tokai, Japan

Supported by Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC ), JAEA

Organized by the Nuclear Physics Group of the ASRC ( here )

An international workshop : "Nuclear Fission and Decay of Exotic Nuclei" will be held on 21-22 March 2013 at JAEA , Tokai, Japan. The meeting will be devoted to new experimental and theoretical achievements in fission and decay of neutron- and proton-rich nuclei. The workshop offers the continuation of discussions related in the fission workshop held at 2012 "Perspectives in Nuclear Fission" . Dedicated topics and/or sessions are as follows.


A. Andreyev (University of York)
N. Carjan (NIPNE)
C. Domingo-Pardo (CSIC-University of Valencia)
S. Ebata (CNS, University of Tokyo)
T. Gorbinet (CEA)
R. Grzywacz (University of Tennessee and ORNL)
W. Henning (RIKEN, ANL, TU Munich)
Y. Iwata (CNS, University of Tokyo)
D. Jenkins (University of York)
T. Kawano (LANL)
J. Khuyagbaatar (GSI)
G. Kim (Kyungpook National University)
H. Koura (JAEA)
P. Möller (LANL)
S. Nishimura (RIKEN)
K. Nishio (JAEA)
A. Osa (JAEA)
J. Randrup (LBNL)
T. Sasa (JAEA)
K. Rykaczewski (ORNL)
M. Sasano (RIKEN)
K. Sekizawa (University of Tsukuba)
Y. Utsuno (JAEA)
T. Wada (Kansai University)
R. Wadsworth (University of York)

Program and Presentation New !

Program of the workshop can be downloaded .

Presentations are shown HERE .

Workshop Photo


A visit to the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) is planned in the afternoon on Thursday 21st.

Registration and Contribution

All participants are requested to fill the Registration Form . Participants wishing to give an oral presentation should also fill an one-page (A4) Abstract (Free Format). The form(s) should be returned to asrc-fission@jaea.go.jp .
The deadline for the submission of Abstract and Registration Form is 31.Jan.2013. Authors of contributions selected as oral talks will be notified in the early of February 2013.

Workshop Schedule and Place

We expect the participants to arrive on 20th March (note that this is the National Holiday in Japan). The workshop will start on Wednesday 21st in the morning, and end on Friday 22nd of March.2013 in the late afternoon. The workshop place is in the Nuclear Science Research Institute ) at the Tokai campus (photo).
A workshop dinner is planned at the evening of 21st.
Tokai Campus.

Map of the Tokai Campus can be downloaded.
Map of Tokai can be downloaded.
Map of Restaurant at Tokai can be downloaded.


Masago International lodging of JAEA
It is located close to the Nuclear Science Research Institute, about ~15 minutes walk from the workshop building ( Information ). It costs about~JPY1500 per night, or ~$15. Most of the participants are expected to stay in this place. The number of rooms is limited, please, send your request for the lodging as soon as possible with the registration form.
For those who prefers to stay in a hotel, there is a range of hotels in Mito-city (15 minutes by train from Tokai). The costs are from ~JPY 7000 per night. Please, contact the organizars for further help with this, if you wish to stay in a hotel.


The most convenient international airport is NARITA/TOKYO. The easiest way to come to the Mito-city and/or Tokai is to use the Shuttle Bus (Rose Liner, JPY 3,000), which stopes at the "Tokai JR-Station (East Exit)".
All these accesses are shown HERE.

Workshop dinner

We will have banquet in the evening of 21st of March. We request JPY 5000 for all the participants who intend to have dinner together.

Workshop Fee

The workshop is free for all participants. Coffee-breaks will be sponsored by ASRC, the lunches can be bought in the JAEA cantine.


A. Andreyev (University of York) and K. Nishio (JAEA)

Local organizing committee

H. Ikezoe (JAEA)
T. Ishii (JAEA)
A. Iwamoto (JAEA)
H. Koura (JAEA)
H. Makii (JAEA)
Y. Nagame (JAEA)
I. Nishinaka (JAEA)
K. Nishio (JAEA)
Y. Utsuno (JAEA)


For more information, please contact to organizer

e-mail: asrc-fission@jaea.go.jp

Last Update 2.May.2013 K. Nishio