ASRC International Workshop " Nuclear Astrophysics with Stable Beams "

Tokai Village Museum, Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan

Supported by Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), JAEA, JSPS A3 Foresight program, and Japan Forum of Nuclear Astrophysics (Ukakuren)
Organized by the Nuclear Physics Group of the ASRC

The workshop : " Nuclear AstroPhysics with Stable Beams (NAPS)" will be held on February 20(Tue.) - 22(Thr.), 2024 at Tokai Village Museum, Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan.

Scope of the workshop

In the NAPS2024, we will focus on nuclear reactions and structure relevant to nucleosynthesis in stars, by highlighting key reactions which can be studied using stable ion beams. We will exchange new ideas in experiment and theory, whereby possible collaboration programs will be also discussed among the participants. The subjects to be discussed include,

Program New !

Program of the workshop can be downloaded .

Invited Speakers

S. Ahn (CENS)
Y. Aritomo (Kindai)
M. Asai (JAEA)
K. Chae (Sungkyunkwan)
S. Hayakawa (CNS)
Y. Hirayama (KEK)
K. Hirose (JAEA)
N. Iwamoto (JAEA)
N. Iwasa (Tohoku)
S. Kimura (KEK)
Y. H. Lam (IMP)
W. Liu (CIAE)
H. Makii (JAEA)
M. Mumpower (LANL)
K. Sakanashi (Osaka)
S. Shibagaki (Wrocławski)
D. Suzuki (RIKEN)
X. Tang (IMP)
Y. Taniguchi (Kagawa College)
T. Teranishi (Kyushu)
N. Tominaga (NAOJ)
A. Tumino (Catania)
S. Q. Yan (CIAE)

Registration and abstract submission

Those who wish to participate and/or make a presentation are kindly requested to fill the Registration Form and send it to organizers ( by the 17th January 2024 (Extended) . Participants who need VISA are encrouraged to register as early as possible. The deadline of the registration is January 26th, 2024.
The program will be determined and published promptly after the asbtract submission deadline.

Workshop Schedule and Place

The workshop will begin Tuesday morning, the 20th, and end at noon on Thursday, the 22nd. The workshop is held at the activity room of Tokai Village Museum, located about a 10-minute walk from JR Tokai Station (photo). We will hold a collaboration meeting at "iVil" Industry and Information Plaza on Wednesday afternoon, the 22nd, after the workshop.

Tokai Village Museum

Workshop Fees

The workshop is free for all participants.


The nearest major international airports are Tokyo-Haneda and Tokyo-Narita. From these airports, you can reach Katsuta, where many participants will stay, and Tokai, where the venue is located, via Shinagawa Station, Ueno Station, etc. on the JR Joban Line as shown on the map below.

From Haneda Airport
Take the Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station (about 20 minutes). At Shinagawa Station, transfer to a Hitachi or Tokiwa Limited Express of the JR Joban Line. The Limited Express runs every 30 minutes and it takes about 90 minutes from Shinagawa to Mito or Katsuta. If you are going directly to Tokai Station, please take a local train at Mito or Katsuta Station. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Tokai Station.

From Narita Airport
Take the Narita Express to Tokyo Station (about 1 hour). At Tokyo Station, take a Hitachi or Tokiwa Limited Express of the JR Joban Line, and get off at Katsuta Station.

From Tokai Station to the Workshop Venue
Tokai Village Museum is located about 1 km away from Tokai Station. A schematic map below would be helpful in finding the location.

Tandem Tour

We will organize a visit to the JAEA Tandem Facility (20UR) in the campus of Nuclear Science Research Institute of JAEA on Wednesday afternoon, the 21st.

Social Dinner

We will have social dinner in the evening of Tuesday, 20th. The venue will be a Japanese style restaurant called Kinman near Katsuta Station. The fee is JPY 6,600 per person. After the program of that day is finished, we will take the bus to the restaurant.


There is a range of hotels around JR Katsuta Station (10 minutes by the local JR train from Tokai Station), and Mito Station(15 minutes). Participants wishing to stay in these areas can book a hotel by themselves. A typical cost for a single room is around JPY 7000-12000 per night. These areas also have many excellent restaurants. You may consider following hotels located near Katsuta or Mito Station:

Terrace Inn Katsuta

APA Hotel Hitachinakakatsuta-Ekimae

Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito

Daiwa Roynet Hotel MITO

Please contact the organizers if you need help with hotel reservations.

International lodging of JAEA
There is the Masago International Lodging which is close to campus of Nuclear Science Research Institute. It costs about~JPY2000 per night. One can take a taxi (cost ~JPY 2,000) or local bus from the JR Tokai Station to the lodging with one-way cost of JPY 260. We are keeping several rooms. The number of rooms are limited. Those who want to stay here can send your request for the lodging in the registration form.

Organizing committee

S. Ahn (Institute for Basic Science)
A. Andreyev (University of York)
K. Chae (Sungkyunkwan University)
N. Iwasa (Tohoku University)
T. Kajino (Beihang University)
T. Katabuchi (Tokyo Insititue of Technology)
T. Kawabata (Osaka University)
S. Kubono (RIKEN)
W. Liu (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
H. Makii (JAEA), Scientific Secretary
K. Nishio (JAEA), Chair
X. Tang (Institute of Modern Physics)
T. Teranishi (Kyusyu University)
H. Yamaguchi (University of Tokyo)
S.Q. Yan (China Institute of Atomic Energy)

Local organizing committee

N. Iwamoto (JAEA)
A. Kimura (JAEA)
H. Koura (JAEA)
S. Kubono (RIKEN)
H. Makii (JAEA)
K. Nishio (JAEA)
R. Orlandi (JAEA)
J. Smallcombe (JAEA)


1st circular (20th October 2023)

2nd circular (27th December 2023)

Final circular (14th February 2024) New !


For more information, please contact the organizers


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