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Our research focuses on fundamental scientific questions of common interest to humankind, that we address by carrying out nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry experiments using accelerators.

For example, how many elements can exist on earth? How can they be produced? What new physics and chemistry will they reveal? What can the properties of heavy nuclei tell us about the origin of elements?

A large part of our research is conducted at the JAEA Tandem accelerator laboratory in Tokai, Japan. The JAEA Tandem is one of the few facilities in the world where targets made of nuclei heavier than uranium can be irradiated by accelerated beams of heavy ions. By using this facility and developing unique, state-of-the-art experimental equipment, we produce rare heavy elements and atomic nuclei in extreme regions and study their properties.

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We explore the chemical behavior of superheavy elements, and unknown properties of nuclei

Currently, the heaviest man-made element is oganesson (Og), which has 118 protons.
What are the heaviest elements that can exist is ultimately determined by the properties of the atomic nucleus.
The discovery of new elements also opens up new chemistry.
We aim to reach unknown nuclei, and to understand the chemical properties of superheavy elements.

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At the moment there are no public offerings. However, researchers and students who want to join our group are welcome to contact us at any time and send us their resume.
For students who wish to stay in our group for an extended period of time and conduct research with us, JAEA has a student acceptance system that allows long-term stay and includes financial support (special research student, etc.).
Please contact us for details on how to apply.

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