The 62nd REIMEI Workshop

"New excitations for spintronics seen with quantum beams"

25 February, 2021



For novel spintronics devices, we need to extend our understanding of the dynamics and transport properties of nano-structured magnets. The interplay between lattice vibrations quantized as phonons, light as photons and magnetic degrees of freedom as magnons, will lead to a new generation of devices, for example spin-thermoelectric generators and spin-current injectors. The aim of this workshop is to relate the more microscopic measurements, for example those made by neutron and X-ray scattering, to nano-magnetic transport, as can be exploited in novel devices. The detailed analysis of the materials, in bulk form or as films, can benefit from the complementarity of neutron and X-ray scattering. New theoretical advances are also needed to thoroughly interpret experimental results.
The 62nd REIMEI workshop "New excitations for spintronics seen with quantum beams" is designed to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians to explore recent results in the field. We will discuss possible future international collaborations among researchers interested in both fundamental issues and industrial applications, with particular attention to the use of several quantum beams such as neutrons and X-rays.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with Research Group for Neutron Scattering on Condensed Matter in Tohoku University (Tohoku U), and Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society (CROSS).


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Joint workshop


  • MORI, Michiyasu (JAEA)
  • FUJITA, Masaki (Tohoku U)
  • NAMBU, Yusuke (Tohoku U)
  • SUZUKI, Jun-ichi (CROSS)
  • OHISHI, Kazuki (CROSS)
  • ZIMAN, Timothy (ILL)


M. Mori(JAEA)