9th ASRC International Workshop "Chemistry of the

   Superheavy Elements"

8th March, 2013http://asrc.jaea.go.jp/asr_eng/index.html


An international workshop: "Chemistry of the superheavy elements" will be held on 8th March 2013 at RIKEN, Wako, Japan. The meeting will focus on developments towards the synthesis of a new compound class of superheavy elements. The Sg(CO)6 compound is in the center of these activities and an experiment at RIKEN RIBF will be carried out by an international collaboration. In addition, further recent developments in one atom-at-a-time chemistry of superheavy elements in the gas phase and in the liquid phase will be discussed. The Sg(CO)6 experiment is supported by the REIMEI research program and conducted by a world-wide collaboration among U. Mainz, JAEA, GSI, RIKEN, HIM, U. Bern, PSI , LBNL, U. Niigata, and IMP.

Workshop Schedule and Place

The workshop will start on Friday 8th in the morning. The workshop place is in the Nishina Hall at the Wako campus in RIKEN.

    Location: Nishina Memorial Building

    2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, 351-0198,  JAPAN

    Room: Nishina Hall

    Time: March 8, 2013 9:00-17:30


    M. Asai (JAEA)

    Ch.E. Düllmann (U. Mainz / GSI)

    R. Eichler (PSI)

    J. Even (HIM)   

    H. Haba (RIKEN)

    K. Morimoto (RIKEN)

    H. Nitsche (LBNL)
    A. Di Nitto (U. Mainz)
    A. Toyoshima (JAEA)
    I. Usoltsev (PSI)

    A. Yakushev (GSI)

    Q. Zhi (IMP)

            Program of the workshop can be downloaded “Program.pdf“.


Prof. Dr. Christoph E. Düllmann (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

Workshop Fee

The workshop is free for all participants. Coffee-breaks will be sponsored by ASRC.

Registration and Contribution

All participants are requested to fill out the Registration.doc. Participants giving an oral presentation should also submit a one-page (A4) Abstract (Free Format). The form(s) should be returned to ASRC-SHE-gr@jaea.go.jp


The most convenient international airport is Haneda/TOKYO. The easiest way to come to RIKEN is to use the Shuttle Bus, which stopes at the "Wako-shi Station". From Narita/TOKYO airport to Wako-shi Station the Shuttle Bus is also the easiest way. After arriving at Wako-shi Station, take the South exit (you will see ticket machines to your left side) and go up the stairs. After exiting the station, there are three options for getting to RIKEN.

    Walk: the institute is about a 15 minute walk from the Station

    Bus: approx. 10 minutes (Bus #39 bound for Oizumigakuen, 170 yen)

    Taxi: approx. 10 minutes (approx. 710 yen)

Other information will be described here (RIKEN web-site).

Local organizer

Research Group for Superheavy Elements of the ASRC (JAEA)


For more information, please contact to organizer

e-mail:  ASRC-SHE-gr@jaea.go.jp

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