Workshop for Einsteinium Campaign

Decay and Survival Properties of Heavy Nuclei towards Super-heavy Island

Date: 7-8 Nov., 2017
Location: ASRC Conference Hall, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Tokai, Japan)

Supported by Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC ), JAEA
Organized by the Research Group of Heavy Element Nuclear Science of the ASRC (here)

Scope and subjects

Japan Atomic Energy Agency has the experimental campaign using isotope Es-254 (half-life 276 days), obtained from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The material can be used for nuclear physics experiments (fission, structure and reaction) at the JAEA tandem facility in Tokai. Also chemical studies using synchrotron radiation source at the SPring-8 is scheduled. The meeting will mainly be devoted to discuss the experimental plan, as well as related theoretical studies, particularly with a scope to explore the fields of heaviest elements.



Program is here.


Tokai dormitory of J-PARC is available.
Those who wish to stay here should contact to one of the chairs.

Social dinner

Socila dinner is planned in the evening 7 Nov. (about 5,000 Yen).

Co-chair and contact

For those who want to participate the workshop, please contact us: