Site Policy

This website was created and is managed and operated by Advanced Science
Research Center (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'ASRC'), JAEA.

1. Concerning Copyright
Copyright concerning our website as well as text, photographs, illustrations
and other copyrightable contents displayed on our website (hereinafter
collectively referred to as 'Contents') shall lie with ASRC.

2. Disclaimer
Accessing information published on this website and/or information contained
in websites linked to from this website is at the discretion of the user and
ASRC shall bear no responsibility whatsoever in relation to this.

ASRC may change or delete the information on this website, or may suspend
or terminate the operation of the website without any prior notice. ASRC
is not responsible to you for any inconvenience that may be caused by such
changes or deletion of the information, or by such suspension or termination
of the operation of the website.

3. Linking to this website
Basically, you are free to create links to our website as long as any link
to this website is clearly identified as being a link to this website on
your site. ASRC, however, does not allow any of the following links:

・A link which seems to support and/or promote, or slander and/or defame the
activity of a specific person/group/organization;
・A link which is created for the purpose of offending or in a manner to
offend public order and morals;
・A link which is likely to cause misunderstanding about ASRC's operations
and research activities;
・A link which is likely to damage ASRC's image and/or reputation, or to
infringe on the rights of a specific person and/or organization;
・A link by which the contents of this website look like part of a linking
website of a third party (the so-called "Framing"; for example, a link
is created in a manner that incorporates the content of this website into
the frame on the linking website.)

4. Amendment of the Site Policy
ASRC can change the contents of the Site Policy if necessity without any
prior notice. When the Site Policy is amended, that will be announced
on this website.