The conference will be held on May 25-痿zQ9, 2015, at Urabandai Royal Hotel, located in Urabandai area, the northwest part of Fukushima prefecture, Japan. Urabandai is a picturesque highland resort area surrounded by a wealth of nature, with beautiful ponds, lakes, and volcanoes. This highland was created by a big eruption of Mt. Bandai occurred on July 15, 1888. This eruption caused a massive landslide, which buried a valley in a few minutes and created a lot of lakes and ponds. Now, the volcano is calm, and we can enjoy many activities such as hiking, climbing (even Mt. Bandai), cruising, and hot springs. Urabandai is located at 220 km north of Tokyo. It takes about 3 hours from Tokyo to Urabandai by train (from Tokyo to Inawashiro via “Tohoku Shinkansen” and “Banetsu-saisen” Lines) and bus (from Inawashiro to the hotel).

Urabandai Royal hotel

Postal address: 1093-309 Aza-Kengamine, Oaza-Hibara, Kitashiobara-mura, Fukushima 969-2701, Japan
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