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Registration fee

Before Mar. 15 Mar. 31, 2015After Mar. 16 Apr. 1, 2015
Early registrationLate registration
Participant55,000 JPY65,000 JPY
Student25,000 JPY30,000 JPY
Accompanying person25,000 JPY

Covering range of the registration fee:

Accommodation fee

Number of
persons in the room
Room typeEuropean*European*European#
Price/(1 person, 1 day)
(Day 24, Sun)
15,902 JPY11,902 JPY10,902 JPY9,902 JPY
(Day 25, Mon)11,150 JPY7,150 JPY6,150 JPY5,150 JPY
(Day 26, Tue)15,150 JPY11,150 JPY10,150 JPY9,150 JPY
(Day 27, Wed)15,150 JPY11,150 JPY10,150 JPY9,150 JPY
(Day 28, Thu)11,150 JPY7,150 JPY6,150 JPY5,150 JPY
(Day 29, Fri)15,902 JPY11,902 JPY10,902 JPY9,902 JPY
*: Twin room with 2 semi-double beds
#: Twin room with 2 semi-double beds and 1 sofa bed
+: Twin room with 2 semi-double beds and 2 sofa beds
$: Japanese style room with a Tatami floor

Covering range of the accommodation fee:

Please submit the Hotel Reservation Form by April 10, 2015. After April 10, the price may change.

Although there are a number of twin rooms (European style) and Japanese-style rooms, only 14 single rooms (with one single bed) are available for participants. We want to keep those single rooms for students who cannot find roommates, or participants from developing countries. The price of the single room is the same as that of the twin room shared by two persons. If you want to stay with that price but have no roommate, or to look for roommates, please select the "twin room (shared by 2 persons)" and indicate it in the special request.