Advanced Science Research Center

Director General:Koki TAKANASHI /
Deputy Director General: Hidehito ASAOKA

International Evaluation Committee
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Research Coordination and Promotion Office
Director Hiroyuki KOURA
General Manager Mitsuharu NEGISHI

Advanced Actinides Nuclear Science

  • R.G. for Exotic Heavy-Element Nuclear Science

    Group Leader:K. Nishio

    Understanding the existing limit of the heaviest elements and the chemical property of super-heavy element is the ultimate challenge. For this, we explore neutron rich actinide and super-heavy nuclei using multinucleon transfer reactions to unveil their nuclear and atomic structure, essential to answer these subjects.
  • R.G. for Hadron Nuclear Physics

    Group Leader:H. Tamura (Tohoku University)

    We investigate the properties and hierarchical structures of quark matter , hadrons, and nuclei interacting with the strong force, through studies of hadrons and nuclei including strange and charm quarks, and hot and dense matter with heavy-ion beams at the accelerators such as J-PARC, KEKB, and RHIC.
  • R.G. for Strongly Correlated Actinide Science

    Group Leader:Y. Tokunaga

    We explore and elucidate novel magnetic and superconducting phenomena emerging from strongly correlated electrons in actinide systems by using advanced single-crystal growth techniques and state-of-the-art measurement probes such as NMR and neutron scattering.

Advanced Nuclear Materials Science

  • R.G. for Spin-energy Science

    Group Leader:E. Saitoh (The University of Tokyo)

    We pursue innovative research subjects emerging from spin in solids such as spintronics, magnonics, gyromagnetics, strong correlation effect, and topological physics under the tight collaboration of theory and experiment.
  • R.G. for Surface and Interface Science

    Group Leader:K. Fukutani (The University of Tokyo)

    The objective of our group is to explore exotic 2D materials/surfaces and hydrogen dynamics towards the development of new functionalities at surfaces and interfaces by taking advantage of advanced quantum beams.
  • R.G. for Sustainable Functional Materials Science

    Group Leader:T. Ichitsubo (Tohoku University)

    Our group conducts basic and applied research to aim at creating materials that combine high resistance (or resistivity) to harsh and/or extreme conditions (such as irradiation, heat, and corrosion) and specific functions (such as magnetism, optical-, mechanical-, and electrochemical properties).

Advanced Theoretical Physics

  • R.G. for Advanced Theoretical Physics

    Group Leader:A. Hosaka (Osaka University)

    Members from hadron, nuclear, cold-atom and condensed matter physics are working for their own researches, and also enhance interdisciplinary discussions to explore new physics ideas and methods.

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