The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), as the Center of Excellence (COE) for research and development of nuclear science in Japan, promotes both fundamental sciences and atomic energy related research projects.

Science and technology, which are essential parts of the infrastructure of modern society, enrich our lives, but, at the same time, have negative aspects as evidenced by the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Therefore, the task of the JAEA is to find new theories for the JAEA while solving the current issues regarding atomic energy.

The Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) was established in April 1993 to undertake basic research of JAEA. Six research themes have been organized under the two divisions, namely "advanced actinides science" and "advanced nuclear materials science." Based on the "ASRC Initiative" below, we explore yet-undiscovered disciplines, and study advanced atomic energy sciences aimed at development of new theories, phenomena, materials and technologies.

ASRC Initiative:

(1) To carry out cutting-edge nuclear and materials science research by making maximum use of the advantage of the JAEA and by developing human resources for this purpose.

(2) To carry out the activities as an international research center and to be the research organization which leads the JAEA.

Moreover, in order to strengthen international research cooperation in these research fields, we encourage international collaborative research programs making effective use of "Reimei Research Program" driven by the ASRC, and create a worldwide research organization by regularly holding international "REIMEI" workshops and by recruiting foreign researchers.

Makoto OKA
Director General
Advanced Science Research Center

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

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