The Reimei Research Program
Call for research proposals

Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Director General of the Advanced Science Research Center
Sadamichi Maekawa

Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) announces its Reimei Research Program application. As a basic research institute, ASRC seeks to cultivate forefront and frontier researches in the diverse fields of atomic energy and its related sciences through the Reimei Research Program.

Guidelines for the Applicants

1. Research duration

For maximum of two years from Japanese FY2010

2. Annual research funding

The total budget of the Reimei Program is 30,000,000 JPY. The Program adopts three to ten subjects and funds each subject based on the research theme and the budget plan (the maximum amount of fund is 10,000,000 JPY per one subject). Overhead costs shall not be covered.

3. Eligible research themes

Basic research seeking to discover novel principles and phenomena in the field of atomic energy and its related sciences. The Reimei Program encourages applications by a single researcher with unique and original research idea and those by a group of researchers with various backgrounds and different areas of expertise. Applicants are required to present scientific originality of the idea as well as challenging feature and possible evolution of the research subject.
*See also the present research themes of the ASRC website:

4. Qualification

The Reimei Program is open for all researchers regardless of affiliation*, including postgraduate students.

*Researchers in JAEA are not eligible.
ASRC welcomes challenges by young researchers while the Reimei Program is open for researchers of all career levels. Authorization by the belonging institution of the applicant should be acquired.

5. Screening process

Applications are evaluated by the Reimei Evaluation Committee of the ASRC.

6. Procedure of research implementation

Adopted subjects are implemented under a joint research agreement between the belonging institution of the applicant and JAEA. For effective promotion of the research, it is possible to hold meetings and workshops. If necessary, ASRC will accept selected researchers as Invited Researchers to implement the research and/or employ Senior Post-Doctoral Fellows according to the research subject for better cooperation.

7. Place of research implementation

Belonging institution of the applicant and/or the JAEA

8. Interim assessment

Continuation of the research for Japanese FY2011 is determined based on the review of the achievement and further research plan at the evaluation committee in the end of Japanese FY2010.

Submission of Application

1. Documents to be submitted
Please send electronic files (PDF format) via e-mail to the ASRC.
E-mail address:

  1. Research Proposal (Form 1) and List of Publications (Form 2)
    Merge Form 1 and Form 2 to one document file and include applicant's name in the name of the file. (e.g.) Form_SadamichiMaekawa.pdf
    Application form: Word

  2. Detailed research plan (attachment of Research Proposal) - maximum of 3 pages
    For the summary of research plan described in Form 1, please send the detailed explanation in a separated document within 3 pages in the PDF format.

  3. Copies of selected two items from the List of Publication (Form 2)
    Send copies of articles in the PDF format (save one article as one file).

2.Deadline of application
Application must be e-mailed by May 31, 2010 (Japan Time).

3. Contact information

If you have any questions about this program and the application procedure, please contact the Research Co-ordination and Promotion Office, ASRC by e-mail.
E-mail address:

Important Additional Information

1. Submission of a research report
Report of the research results obtained under the Reimei Program must be submitted at the end of each fiscal year.

2. Presentation at the evaluation committee
Progress and results of the research during the given period must be reported at the evaluation committee in the end of Japanese FY2010.

3. Obligation of indication when announcing research results
When announcing research results (publication, presentation etc.), an indication that the research was carried out under the Reimei Program is necessary.

4. Intellectual property rights
Intellectual property rights are treated under the joint research agreement.

5. Property rights of equipments
The equipments obtained through the Reimei Program are to be restored in the JAEA. (In case of joint research between JAEA and institutions outside Japan, the details of handling will be arranged based on negotiation.)