Research Group for Nuclear Chemistry of Superheavy Elements

Studies of chemical and nuclear properties of the elements at the uppermost end of the periodic table are 
being performed. The elements heavier than fermium with atomic number 100 must be produced at accelerators 
using reactions of heavy ions with heavy target materials. Both the half-lives and production rates of the 
nuclides of the still heavier elements are rapidly decreasing. Consequently, they are usually available in 
very small quantities, only an atom at a time. We are devising rapid and very efficient chemical separation 
apparatus based on chromatographic and electrochemical methods, and are investigating chemical properties 
of the heaviest elements with single atoms using the developed apparatus. Nuclear properties of the heaviest 
elements are also being studied to explore nuclear shell structure in the region of the heaviest nuclei and 
to clarify mass division mechanism in nuclear fission of heavy nuclei.

   Yuichiro Nagame       Group Leader
   Kazuaki Tsukada       Assistant Principal Researcher
   Masato Asai           Assistant Principal Researcher
   Tetsuya Sato          Assistant Principal Researcher
   Atsushi Toyoshima     Senior Post-Doctoral Fellow
   Nozomi Sato           Post-Doctoral Fellow
   Li Zijie              Post-Doctoral Fellow
   Takahiro Kikuchi      Fellow of Advanced Science  
   Liang Xiaohu

Member of Nuclear chemistry of superheavy elements group

 Selected publications

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     an atom-at-a-time scale" 
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 2. "Spectroscopy of 257Rf"
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