The Reimei Research Program 2018
Call for research proposals

Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)

Outline and eligible research themes

 The Reimei Research Program has been set out with an aim to cultivate forefront and frontier researches in the diverse fields of atomic energy and its related sciences throughout the world, and to promote research collaboration with ASRC.
 ASRC seeks for research themes which are to explore novel principles and phenomena in the field of atomic energy and its related sciences. The themes are expected to keep a possibility to change the paradigm of existing science and technology, and to develop a future atomic energy innovation. Inventive, expansible, and challenging ideas are welcome.
 See also the present research themes of the ASRC (


 A principal investigator should belong to an institution such as universities or research institutes, and be actually engaged in research activities.

Embodiment of research

 JAEA enters into a joint research agreement, on the basis of the JAEA regulation, with the applicants’ institutions.

Research duration

 The contract for the research collaboration is valid for one Japanese Fiscal Year (April 2018 - March 2019).
 * Reapplication is required in order for an adopted project of 2017 to be carried on for 2018.

Annual research budget

 The maximum amount of fund is 3,000,000 JPY per subject. The amount shall be determined according to a research theme and duration. Distribution to individual organization is to be coordinated subsequently to an adoption.

Number of adoption

 Three to seven subjects are to be accepted to the program. This includes the continuation subjects.
 *The number may be varied as the program is premised on the passage of a government budget.

Review process

 Applications are evaluated by the Reimei Research Evaluation Committee of the ASRC consisted of experts from mainly outside JAEA. Results shall be informed in writing in the beginning of April 2018. Procedures for the contract will, then, follow shortly.

Other information

▶ The joint research should be carried out in accordance with the Guideline of the Reimei Research Program.
▶ Please click here (Flowchart) to see entire process and formats from the application to the report of the research.

Submission of Application


(1) Reimei Research Plan 2018 (Form 1)
(2) Copies (PDF format) of selected two items from the List of Publication

・ Create PDF format of the Reimei Research Plan. Name the file as “Form1_XXX (Name of the applicant).pdf”.
・ Create two separate PDF files for two selected publications. Name the files as “Paper No. ZZ (serial number in the list) XXX (Name of the applicant).pdf”.
・ The documents are to be printed in black and white for the review. Figures need to be recognizable under the provided condition.
・ The format should not be altered. Contents of the research must be described within three pages and do not delete pages if left blank. A separate sheet may be attached when a list of members extends beyond the space provided.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018 (Japan Time)


 Send the documents to the following e-mail address. Title of the e-mail should be “ Reimei application 2018 (Name of the applicant)”.
E-mail :

Contact Information

Ms. Tae Sasakura (Research Promotion Office)
Advanced Science Research Center
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2-4 Shirakata Shirane Tokai, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1195, JAPAN

Personal information

 Submitted documents will be used for the review. Personal information of selected candidates will be used for subsequent research administration. Those of other candidates will be destroyed after being kept for one year.


Please read carefully the Guideline of the Reimei Research Program (download) and Reimei joint research arrangement 2018 (download). Application shall be made on the premise that all the budgetary management and contractual terms and conditions indicated there are fully understood and agreed.

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