2012 January 4
New train timetable is uploaded.

2011 December 19
New program is uploaded.

2011 December 7
Train timetable is uploaded.

2011 December. 6
Three poster awards will be presented by the ATI (Advanced Technology Institute) President at the Banquet.

2011 October 19
New program is uploaded.

2011 Mar. 25
Due to the earthquake in Japan, the workshop is postponed. The details will be announced later.

2011 Mar. 01
Shuttle-bus service (Mar. 14 morning) from President-Hotel Mito to ASRC is available.
Visit the Venue/Access page.

2011 Jan. 17
Web site open


Timothy Ziman (ILL, Grenoble)
Yasutomo Uemura (Columbia University, New York)