Message from Director General

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) conducts comprehensive research and development for the national nuclear energy program, which covers the entire range of activity from basic research to practical applications. Research pertaining to all aspects of the atomic energy including nuclear fuel cycle systems is particularly emphasized.

In order to solve today's problems and also to meet the challenge of future problems arising from the usage of nuclear energy, it is of crucial importance to promote equally both basic and goal orientated research.

Based on this policy, in order to discover new principles and phenomena, the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) is conducting frontier research related to atomic energy sciences. Furthermore, in order to create new materials and technologies, the ASRC has the ambition of becoming an international center of excellence (COE) for basic research on advanced nuclear sciences.

In pursuit of this ambition the ASRC promotes six research projects in the two fields, i.e., basic research in advanced actinides science and basic research in advanced nuclear materials science.

With the object of developing international collaborations, the ASRC's “Reimei”research promotion program is now extended world-wide, and will distill new ideas and innovative research subjects from existing and future national and international collaborations. In addition, international workshops and symposiums are to be hosted regularly by the ASRC.

As a means of promoting this advanced basic research, the ASRC encourages participation of competent applicants as staff and visiting scientists.

Dr. Sadamichi Maekawa
Director General, ASRC

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

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